Back home safe with lessons learnt!

Back home safe with lessons learnt!

Back home in Colombia with the family licking my wounds and trying to learn from the experience 🙂

The rally ended for me on stage 8 in the sand dunes of Mauritania. The clutch burned and disintegrate into hundreds of pieces. There was no way to fix it on the fly and with more than 200 kilometers left of the day no real way to get the bike to the finish for a fix. Eventually I was forced to swallow a sour pill and push the Spot GPS tracker mechanical rescue bottom which meant I was out of the race.

I was picked up after 4 hours which I spend napping under the bike and the transport back to camp took another 8 hours through the dunes. Back in camp around midnight I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Spanish team Adventura Tuareg had a spare clutch and front fork seal and the mechanics where willing to repair my bike during the night.

This meant that I was able to finish the tour to Dakar in the Adventure category, though outside the rally ranking. I even got the race along on the final iconic Dakar Rally beach stage from St. Louis to La Rose and enjoyed cheering on my colleagues who managed to finish the race.

This year only 11 bikes and 8 cars made the entire rally, so that was a monster effort by everyone, including my team mates Pia and Ida from Danish Rally Cats. The entire rally was hunted by accidents and injuries until the very last finish line and the final celebrations was marked by an anticlimactic atmosphere. It was a fantastic feeling to see all the racers pull together as a team and help each other until the end, but sad for the injured and broken down.

The experience was amazing overall, tough and long, with temperatures between -3 and +50 degrees and long days in the saddle over rocks, gravel and tons of sand!

Thank you so much for following along and supporting me. You are the best!

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  • Koz Mraz Reply

    Woah.. you made it!!! You were one of the Dakar 11… holy crap man…what an amazing experience, congrats

    February 8, 2019 at 6:49 pm

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