Technical inspections in Almeria. DAY 00

Technical inspections in Almeria. DAY 00

The Intercontinental Rally has opened its 9th edition today! Participants from 12 different countries have gathered in a camp site La Garrofa in Spanish Almeria for the very first briefing, and technical inspections. Starting tomorrow, they will carry on racing across Africa towards the Lac Rose lake, located by the Senegalese off-road Mecca, Dakar.
We will compete in four different categories – moto, utv and car. There are also 13 service cars, which will accompany their crews throughout the rally.
Tomorrows stage is just a typical prologue, which will first carry the rally over the Mediterranean sea to Moroccan Nador, and right after we will absolve a short, introductory stage to Mahirija. This stage’s main purpose is to help the beginners to get familiar with the navigation and test the engines.

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