The Route for Intercontinental Rally 2019 has been selected so that its diversity, attractiveness and demanding-ness will make it thrilling adventure for all the participants. It has been designed for all types of cars and motorbikes – off-road specials 4WD, 2WD, race and casual motorbikes as well as Quads and Buggy machines. The major stretch of the route can be accessed from all the main roads around which may significantly help in case the service teams or medical aid are needed or simply if you decide to finish the day early for any reason .

The Full Range Class is going to finish at Lac Rose by Dakar, Senegal, on February 3, 2019.

Day 01 (Jan 21): Almeria – Mahirija 195Km
Day 02 (Jan 22): Mahirija – Merzouga 516Km
Day 03 (Jan 23): Merzouga – Zagora 291Km
Day 04 (Jan 24): Zagora – Icht 533Km
Day 05 (Jan 25): Icht – Smara 532Km
Day 06 (Jan 26): Smara – Dakhla 673Km
Day 07 (Jan 27): Dakhla – Nouadhibou 414Km
Day 08 (Jan 28): Nouadhibou – Benichab 433Km
Day 09 (Jan 29): Benichab – Azouqui 386Km
Day 10 (Jan 30): Azouqui – Akjoujt 417Km
Day 11 (Jan 31): Akjoujt – Nouakchott 315Km
Day 12 (Feb 01): Nouakchott – St.Louis 315Km
Day 13 (Feb 02): St.Louis – Lac Rose 315Km
Day 14 (Feb 03): Lac Rose – Lac Rose,Dakar

If you are curious about our last year rally, we encourage you to visit our Rally Archives 2018 on, and check out the particular stage data, tons of pictures, movie clips and results.

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