IMS Products Sponsor Rally FootPegs

IMS Products Sponsor Rally FootPegs

One of the most important items on a Rally bike is your footpegs. Standing up for up to 10-11 hours a day on a very small square inch of space for 14 days makes this piece of equipment essential along with comfortable boots.

IMS Products have just confirmed that they will sponsor their top of the line Rally Footpegs.

Please check out their website if you want to upgrade you bike no matter which bike you have IMS Products have a Footpegs better than any original part.

If you do MX, Enduro, Adventure riding or just like to tour with your bike you have to spend a little on this upgrade for your own comfort and safety on the bike.

If you never thought about this subject here’s a little video by Johnney Campbell, Baja 1000 overall winner:

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